Mastering High-Speed Photography

Mastering High-Speed Photography

The Complete Step-by-Step, How-to Guide to Learn and Master High-Speed Photography

Mastering High-Speed Photography is the quintessential guide to understanding all the nuances of high-speed photography and executing them so well, you’ll propel your career and your art form to new heights. In this eBook, you are going to learn about different kinds of high-speed photography, what equipment you need, how to create setup, camera and other equipment settings with complete workflow.

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Note: it's an eBook, not a printed book.
Erkan Yiğiter, Co-Founder & CTO of MIOPS Camera Trigger Says
If you want to be part of this magical photography area but don't know where to start, this unique source would be a bedside book for you. Ramakant did a great job by writing this book to share his expertise on high-speed photography and I am sure it will inspire many photographers from amateur to professional. In this book, you will find lots of great high-speed photography examples with all details of the setup and camera settings. Good readings!

What You Will Learn From This eBook

Learn All About the Equipment You Need
Get All Setup Images to Make Your Work A Lot Easier
Camera and Trigger Settings to Get it Corrected in One Go
And Finally, the Complete Workflow From Start To Finish

After reading this eBook, you'll be able to click amazing photos like these.

Kaleidoscopic Sculptures
Prismatic Crowns
Chromatic Explosion
Psychedelic Eruption
Stunning Nebulae
Whirling Rainbow
Rainbow Dreams
Creamy Contours
Bursting Beauty
The Punch
Magnificent Refraction

Mastering High-Speed Photography is very well-written, the steps to use it are clearly described. Nevertheless, this book cuts through the noise to show you the essentials, while offering ways for the creative person to level up their photography. Well done!

Jessica Sturm

Amazing book, love it! Such great instruction. You are definitely learning from the best here.

Taisha Hubbs

What Our Readers Are Saying

This book is easy to understand. It covers all aspects of high speed photography. Ramakant Sharda is a great writer that makes this guide a great, must-have book for photographers who wants to learn high speed photography.

Leonard Dumire

I really learned a great deal. I have now read several books on photography and this one has given me greater in-depth information, than most of the others.

Jordon Beringer

Clear and concise. The book provides interesting details about high-speed photography, teaching techniques in an easy way, with lots of ideas to practice! Fun knowledge!

Mathew Dunnington

I recommend this book for any photographer that wishes to learn high-speed photography. The author does a very thorough job of revealing in a clear and understandable way every aspect of this subject.

Darline Paek

About The Author


Ramakant Sharda

Award-Winning Photographer, Author, and Mobile Apps Publisher Ramakant Sharda has a keen interest in high-speed photography – so much so, he shares expert tips and tricks with photography enthusiasts every chance he gets.

His love for art comes through in every photo he takes. Many of his works have been published in magazines, newspapers, and international blogs. Besides taking photos and sharing his best tips with like-minded souls, he writes about photography for world-renowned international organizations like Digital Photography School and MIOPS.

His mission to spread the word about his artistry led him to teaching workshops and publishing three (so far) coffee table books. They include: Frozen Moments, Ephemeral, and The Third Dimension.

When not taking beautiful pictures or writing his next best-selling book, he can be found in Jaipur “Pink City”, India, where he makes his home with his beautiful wife and two brilliant children. While he enjoys every moment with his family and his camera, he also enjoys meditating and seeking beauty in big and small ways around him.

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You can pick up his latest book I Wish I Knew This Earlier wherever e-books are sold.

Buy with full confidence with our 30 days money-back guarantee.

Note: it's an eBook, not a printed book.